Thursday, December 11, 2008

A cooling water pipe supply to condenser side of a refrigerator machine. Much dirt plugged the pipe due to no suction strainer installed. Dirt may come from any where simply because cooling tower is an open system. Such phenomena is common problem found in chemical plant.


Tom Ryder said...

Delta Cooling Towers is a manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cooling towers, air strippers, and water storage tanks.

Delta Cooling Towers are made from a CORROSION PROOF engineered plastic. The cooling tower shell will never rust, flake, chip, peel or ever need painting or protective coatings applied. Delta believes its towers are the future of the industry. Metal towers do not have the long-term corrosion protection advantages for outdoor usage. The galvanizing or other metal treatments only delay the corrosion of the underlying, often thin gauge sheet metal.

Delta manufactures a totally SEAMLESS cooling tower. Delta towers are the only large packaged cooling towers in the industry that have a “one-piece” shell. This means there are no seems, panels, rivets or hundreds of fasteners to fail or compromise the performance or integrity of the product.

Delta stands behind its products with the best warranty in the industry. Delta provides a 15-YEAR WARRANTY on the cooling towers structural shell. In addition, Delta’s cooling tower motors have a 5-year warranty.

Delta Cooling Towers are LOW MAINTENANCE by design. Delta has carefully designed its products to have minimal maintenance issues. Other manufacturers of cooling towers have much more complicated designs to achieve the same performance. This includes many more parts – which are more potential maintenance or require the maintenance of other towers. On Delta towers there are no gear reducers, couplings, additional shafts, or extra bearings to maintain.

Delta prides itself on exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our “can-do” mindset allows us to meet or exceed any customer’s cooling tower requirements. We offer many product options and can provide any accessories associated with cooling towers.

Lukman Nulhakiem said...

Thanks for your educated comment.